How it Works

Click to call allows punters to bet in play on live sporting events without needing to call up and talk to an operator! All that is required is a computer and within a matter of seconds you can have a bet placed on a live event. The functionality currently works on the devices/browsers listed below with work being done to enable the functionality across iOS devices.

  • Windows/MacOs Chrome
  • Windows/MacOS Firefox 22+
  • Windows Internet Explorer 10+
  • Android/Chrome
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone/Chrome
  • MacOs Safari

How to place a Bet

  1. Navigate to the live betting page –
  2. Make a selection from the wide range of market available and add to your bet slip.
  3. Choose your stake and click ‘Call to Place Live Bet’
  4. You will then be presented with 3 options:
    • 1. Cancel Bet – this will end your call and cancel your bet
    • 2. Confirm Bet – this will confirm your bet with your bet appearing in the ‘Pending Bets’ section
    • 3. Replay Bet – this will replay the audio options and odds of your selection

To see a demonstration on how it works feel free to view the video below;